Provost’s Staff

Nancy Berner

Nancy is associate provost for planning and administration, assists the provost in providing leadership and direction to the University’s internal operations and in the development and implementation of the University’s plans and policies. Her duties vary at the discretion of the provost. Her current duties include annual and long-term budget tracking and modeling; overseeing reaccreditation and sponsored and institutional research; and planning for summer programs, the arts, community engagement and undergraduate research. Berner is the William Henderson Professor of Biology and continues an active undergraduate research program in the winter activity and acclimation of the Eastern red spotted newt.  She received bachelor’s and master’s degrees in from the University of Idaho and a doctorate in biology from Stanford University, and joined the University in 1992.

Jon Evans

Jon is assistant provost for environmental stewardship and sustainability, assists the provost in the development and implementation of the University’s initiatives in these areas.  In this capacity, he develops, articulates, and advocates for a broad and interdisciplinary understanding of environmental stewardship and sustainability, both internally and externally; works with the Natural Resources Advisory Committee and the Provost to finish and implement a Domain Plan; and creates, develops, and seeks funding for new initiatives.  He supervises the director of sustainability integration and chairs the sustainability steering committee, in consultation with which he selects and accomplishes sustainability goals.  As Professor of Biology, Evans both teaches classes and publishes in the fields of plant ecology and conservation biology, and directs the Sewanee Herbarium. He also directs the Summer Pre-College Field Studies Experience, which he established in 2009.  Evans received his bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and his doctorate in biology from Duke University, and joined the University in 1994.

Vicki Sells

Vicki is associate provost for information technology and University librarian, assists the provost in providing leadership, vision, and direction to the merged computing and library division. Departments reporting to the associate provost include Computing and Network Services; Systems and Programming; Academic Technology Services; Print Services; and, in duPont  Library, Learning and Access Services; Resource Management Services; and Archives and Special Collections. She is responsible for the combined budgets for ITS departments and for ensuring that departments provide necessary information and computing services to the University.  Sells received her bachelor’s degree from Antioch College, and a master’s and doctorate in instructional technology from the University of Tennessee, and joined the University in 1998.